Brainstorming, Story Boarding, and Retrospective Tool – IdeaBoardz

This week I was talking with some fellow colleagues about starting a Lean Coffee for our organization.  We have a national (soon to be international) footprint and a ton of knowledge out there, but how to bring it together?  So I thought the lean coffee meetings would be a great way to bring people together to inspire, encourage, equip, and empower each other. It could also create a consistent venue where we can work together to solve challenges for our clients.

I had a few different people suggest using a tool called IdeaBoardz.  I want to share this tool not only because think it will be great for Lean Coffee but it has value for things like brainstorming, story boarding, and retrospectives.  Especially if you have co-located teams.

It’s simple to use and has just enough functionality to make it useful. And best of all…it’s Free!

You can take it for a test drive without having to sign in or create an account.


Please Note I am in no way affiliated with IdeaBoardz and receive no compensation for writing this article.


2 thoughts on “Brainstorming, Story Boarding, and Retrospective Tool – IdeaBoardz

  1. nickmalik May 24, 2017 / 10:38 am

    There are serious drawbacks to using this tool
    a) There is no way to contact the authors to suggest updates. So no feedback loop. Not agile. Many useful features could be added but no one is listening.
    b) The boards are completely open. No way to secure them. Anyone can download your data.
    c) No way to delete a board when you are done.
    d) No way to undo an upvote. Once you have upvoted, the vote remains forever.
    e) Bugs when you create a card and enter special characters like quotes.
    f) could disappear at any time since there is no way of knowing who created it.

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